We deliver solutions that combine security and usability.

The security of an organization’s IT systems is of central importance nowadays. The expansion of the system landscape, the implementation of web applications, or as an outgoing of changing market conditions often result in security gaps that attackers can exploit. In all of our projects, we keep a particularly keen eye on IT security. We solve the multifaceted IT security requirements of your company precisely and routinely together with our network of experienced partners in this area. In addition to identifying security gaps in existing systems and processes, we design our products according to security by design principles. Our experts support you in designing processes that your employees and customers enjoy working with and ensure a high level of security at the same time.
„Not only hacking attacks can threaten your business. Inadequate implementation of the provisions of the EU GDPR continues to pose a great risk for many companies. High fines and possible image loss due to improper processing of personal data can be prevented through intelligent process design. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions on this topic.“
Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, working outside of the usual workplace has been an interesting alternative in many companies. Working in the home office offers an opportunity on the one hand, but there are potential dangers on the other. In addition to protecting data in the event of a physical loss or theft of a laptop by using suitable encryption strategies, it is also necessary to guarantee a secure connection to the company’s network. With our partner TOSIBOX, we offer a secure and easy to administrate plug and play solution to enable remote access to your company’s network.